The Everly Brothers – The Price Of Love

The Everly Brothers – The Price Of Love (1965, Vinyl) - Discogs

About The Song

“The Price of Love” is a popular song by the American rock and roll duo The Everly Brothers. It was written by Don and Phil Everly along with Phil’s wife, Jacque Hunter. The song was recorded and released in 1965 as a single.

“The Price of Love” features the Everly Brothers’ trademark harmonies and has a catchy, upbeat rock and roll sound. The song’s lyrics touch on the theme of the sacrifices and difficulties one may face in a romantic relationship. It became one of the Everly Brothers’ notable hits.


The song was covered by various artists over the years, and it has remained a classic in the rock and pop music repertoire. The Everly Brothers had a significant influence on the development of rock and roll and pop music, and their music continues to be celebrated by fans and artists alike.


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