Conway Twitty – I See The Want To In Your Eyes

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About The Song

Conway Twitty, the king of honky-tonk heartbreak, wasn’t just about tear-jerking ballads and dusty plains. He also knew how to weave a spell of yearning and unspoken desire, a testament to the heart’s silent language. In 1974, he laid bare this talent with “I See the Want To in Your Eyes,” a song that transcends the confines of country music, exploring the magnetic pull of unspoken attraction and the dance of wanting that unfolds in stolen glances and unspoken promises.

While Twitty’s smooth baritone delivers the song’s tender plea, the melody belonged to Wayne Carson Thompson, a songwriter with a knack for capturing the quiet ache of longing. Inspired by the subtle dance of attraction between two souls, he crafted a lyrical tapestry woven with stolen glances, hesitant touches, and the unspoken language of desire.

Twitty’s voice, usually a beacon of country charm, takes on a hushed intimacy in this record ing. He whispers the lyrics, each word pregnant with unspoken longing, as if sharing a secret with his beloved in the twilight shadows. The slow, bluesy melody mirrors the song’s smoldering intensity, building a sense of anticipation and yearning that hangs heavy in the air.


“I See the Want To in Your Eyes” wasn’t just a hit; it became a cultural phenomenon. Reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, the song resonated with anyone who had ever felt the unspoken pull of attraction, the unspoken dance of wanting that unfolds between two souls. It became an anthem for the shy, the hesitant, and those who find solace in the slow burn of unspoken desire.

But the song’s beauty lies not just in its celebration of wanting; it also acknowledges the vulnerability and uncertainty that come with it. The lyrics, “I see the want to in your eyes, but I ain’t sure about your heart,” perfectly capture the trepidation that often accompanies desire, the fear of rejection that lingers in the shadows of unspoken promises.


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