“Mean Woman Blues” – Elvis Presley’s Sonic Journey Through Heartache


Dive into the sultry world of “Mean Woman Blues” with Elvis Presley as your guide. Released in 1957, this bluesy rock and roll classic not only highlights Presley’s vocal prowess but also encapsulates the essence of heartbreak and desire. Jo in us on a journey through the smoky tones and rhythmic beats of this iconic Elvis tune.


Did You Know?

“Mean Woman Blues” was originally penned by Claude Demetrius, a prolific songwriter in the rock and roll genre. Elvis Presley’s rendition of this bluesy gem infuses it with a unique blend of passion and intensity. Did you know that Demetrius also co-wrote other Elvis hits like “Hard Headed Woman”? The synergy between Demetrius’s songwriting and Presley’s magnetic performance gives “Mean Woman Blues” an everlasting appeal, making it a standout track in the King’s repertoire.



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