1960’s Sonic Moonlight: The Story Behind Elvis’s ‘Wolf Call’



Wolf Call – Elvis Presley: A Musical Odyssey into the Night

Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, took his audience on diverse sonic journeys, and “Wolf Call,” released in 1960, stands as a hauntingly beautiful testament to his versatility. This mystical track delves into the shadows, blending Elvis’s iconic vocals with an enigmatic melody.

Did You Know?

“Wolf Call” is a departure from the upbeat rock tunes often associated with Elvis. Instead, it’s a soulful exploration of the mysterious and primal. Featured in the movie “G.I. Blues,” the song reflects Elvis’s ability to convey emotion and depth through his music.


The haunting atmosphere created by Elvis’s voice and the subtle instrumentation in “Wolf Call” adds a layer of mystique to his repertoire. It’s a departure from the expected, showcasing Elvis’s willingness to experiment with different genres and moods.



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